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I'm on break!! So now's the time to hit the woodshed and do some practicing while things are quiet. Here's my upload for the #nomoreblueschallenge...I uh, I took some liberties with the backing track :-) Enjoy!!

Taking the new Carvin/Kiesel Jason Becker (JB24) model for a spin. This is a sample of the neck and bridge sounds on clean and distortion.

This is the backing track to the video "Original Fusion Jam". Try it out and have fun! Enjoy

Thanks for visiting! This is a practice track for a tune that I wrote (a bit slowed down for practice). The changes can be a real challenge! You can try this backing track out - click on the "Fusion Jam Track" video after watching this...Enjoy!

Here's my response to the ornithology challenge of FaceBook. Check out the other responses with the hashtag #OrnithologyChallenge

After a hot day and hurricane stress wishing for some autumn right now. Decided to start practicing to relax - notice when I realize that I'm recording haha!!

Blowing off some steam after a long day of research! D minor - the saddest of all keys. I was having a little fun with the MIDI keyboard sounds when making this track. In this improv I was working on adding in some chromatic passing tones on the various chords here in D minor. Fun workout at this tempo

Always fun to start the day with a jam on "500 Miles High"

This is me jamming over a little B minor groove today. Video 1 of 4

A little more jamming over a B minor Groove today. Video 2 of 4

A little more of a B minor jam today. Video 3 of 4

The last bit of this B minor jam today. Video 4 of 4

Here's my chord melody arrangement of a longtime favorite "How Deep Is Your Love" by Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees (1977)

Getting back to practice after a little vacation. Just waking up the hands a little and saying "hello" to the guitar.

Getting back to practicing after a vacation. Sometimes...you just gotta shred to wake those hands up!!!

Just got the Angry Charlie pedal from JHS pedals! Here's a quick demo of a really terrific distortion pedal. I demo each knob so you (and I) can hear how each knob on the pedal works and it's range. Hope you enjoy!

Time to work on the country chops! So here's a transcription of Vince Gill's guitar solo from "One More Last Chance"

A Jonesified Thin line style mahogany body with purple-heart neck, ebony fingerboard, evo frets, bone nut, Lollar mag pickups, 4-way selector switch, Fishman power bridge, and Powerchip wired with the optional 3 way selector to switch between piezo/both/mag pickups.

It was truly my first meeting with this guitar. Getting to use to all the possibilities was crazy. Plays a bit different than my other guitars. The piezo and electric combination on this guitar is a big help when switching between electric and acoustic is necessary but not time permitting....been there! Check out the process of building this guitar on in the Dr. Russell String Theory Blog.