For Valentine’s Day: Why Guitars are Better Than Girlfriends

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As Valentine’s Day draws near, I grow ever so appreciative of the resilient and honest relationship between guitars and people.

Is this relationship between man (or woman) and guitar perfect? Close. But not without serious modifications!

In the midst of an admittedly stressful brainstorming session to figure out my own Valentine’s Day strategy, I am reminded of the wonderfully beautiful, simple, and loyal companion that I have had by my side for over twenty-six years – my guitar.

So, in the spirit of this corporate sponsored day of romance, I thought I would offer an addition to the hoards of humorously cynical lists on this subject.

Read on to find out why guitars are better than (or at least easier!) than girlfriends (or boyfriends, as this list equally applies to both sexes):

1.     Guitars have volume knobs. If your guitar is too loud there is always the option of reaching over and turning down the volume a notch or three.

2.     Guitars have tone knobs. If you don’t like the tone being delivered by your guitar you can adjust it minus the grief. You can even make it brighter!

3.     If you notice your guitar has a screw loose or just isn’t wired correctly you can get it fixed with little to no drama.

4.     When you guitar gets quiet all of the sudden there’s probably a perfectly rational reason for it.

5.     Your guitar definitely tolerates bad pick-ups – and even lets you select others (or combinations!) if you deem it necessary for the situation.

6.     Guitars love camping and will gladly help you sing campfire songs.

7.     Guitar always let you know immediately if you make a mistake and won’t hold a grudge afterwards.

8.     Guitars are great listeners. You will always have their attention as long as you need. No opinions, just support.

9.     Guitars are always happy to stay in all day to help you practice, and then are ready to go and hang out all night in a smoky club for your gigs.

10. Even if you’re out-of-shape, smelly, sweaty, and balding – no judgments, you’re still a star!

Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend who’s blog post at inspired this list! Happy Valentine’s Day!